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Ceduna Meat Service is a local favourite butcher in Ceduna on The Eyre Peninsula. The little shop in the main street of town is known for their local, high-quality produce and fair prices.

About Ceduna Meat Service

Ceduna Meat Service is a quality butcher. They focus on locally sourced and locally grown produce that is of high quality and delivered fresh daily. They understand that competitive prices are still important to both their loyal and new customers and they have a range of weekly specials for you to try.

From your perfect barbeque meats to juicy steaks, they have all your favourite cuts of meat in-store.

You can also find additional products such as special caravan packs, options for buying in bulk and extras like sauces, seasonings and oils.

If you want to order something ahead of time, you can always give them a call and they’ll have your order ready for when you get to Ceduna.

Products and services on offer

Ceduna Meat Service offers a range of meats and extra products for your next barbeque or a home-cooked meal. Here’s what you can find in-store:


They have all your favourite cuts of beef, including:


All the best pork cuts are on offer, including:


If you prefer lamb, then they have a range of options, including:


Everyone’s favourite chicken products are available at Ceduna Meal Service, such as:


Ceduna Meat Service also offers a range of small goods and other meat products. Whether you’re after Kransky, Mettwurst or Kabana, then you’ll find it in-store. You can also pick up your favourite sandwich meats, ham and bacon for your lunch or Sunday breakfast.

Meat packs

If you’re going away in your caravan or prefer to buy a mixed bundle of products, Ceduna Meat Service’s packs are perfect. They have assorted meat packs, chicken packs and caravan sized packs to suit a range of needs.

The caravan packs are a variety of cuts of meat in small quantities that are perfect for fitting in your caravan fridge or freezer. It’s the perfect addition for your next road trip.

Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk is also possible through Ceduna Meat Service. They offer large cuts of meat such as sides of lamb, beef, pork and hogget, as well as, hind ¼ beef. Come in and ask for their bulk options and prices.


If you prefer free-range products, then you can find a range of options at Ceduna Meat Service. They have free-range chicken, turkey and duck, as well as, some cuts of beef and lamb.


Ceduna Meat Service makes preparing for your next barbeque very easy with their variety of special barbeque meats and products. You can find:

Extra products

They also have some extra products for sale to match the high-quality meat products in-store. You can find all the best additions for the perfect barbeque and home-cooked meal, such as gravy, sauces, seasonings and oils. They also sell cooking equipment such as knives, sharpeners, meat thermometers and redgum sawdust.

If you’re unsure what kind of extra products you need to go with your meat, you can always ask the staff for their expert advice.


Your pets will also appreciate Ceduna Meat Service’s great quality produce. They also sell dog bones and pet mince for your four-legged friends.


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