What We Do

Where people are seeking answers to their questions about local shopping and travel, that’s where they’ll find us, sharing helpful information, inspiration, and relevant messages.

Mission & Vision

1. We strive to identify regional assets and online avenues via which to promote them.

2. We provide a single online touch-point for current local information that is publically available to both locals and visitors without needing to join or sign-in at any time, which is particularly useful for, but not limited to, our large annual flow-through of predominantly overnight visitors.

3. We are streaming sponsors’ shop local messaging, regional travel inspiration, and community/regional information.

4. We provide a non-bidding, low-cost, and time-saving advertising option that omits the need for local businesses to bid against each other to advertise online. We believe that regional communities and their businesses are already losing important consumer dollars to online spending, and if these businesses have no option but to advertise online through entities such as Facebook and Google, that means more money leaving not only these local communities but the country altogether.

5. We believe that thriving local businesses are the linchpin to a thriving community because of the community activities and initiatives that local businesses sponsor, the bustling tourism that we enjoy because of the availability of our local businesses, and the local ratepayers that they retain through the availability of local stores and services, and the community members they employ. We believe that’s worth supporting.

To help preserve a community of opportunity!